Rose Pilates in Ripley"Lou has taught our group for a couple of years, so we are all now well aware of the huge difference pilates has made to our bodies and therefore our every day lives - with improved mobility to our joints, increased core strength.  The result is better posture - we aim to get much more out of our life for longer. "
"After a double hip replacement my consultant suggested that I give pilates classes a try.  My 'new' hips are more mobile and comfortable than I ever thought possible - Thanks Lou!"   
"As a constant back pain sufferer I decided to try pilates.  Thanks to the regular core strengthening exercises that Lou explains so clearly, I was virtually pain free and walking tall after just a few weeks - Pilates should be on prescription if it isn't already. "


Dear Lou

I wanted to express my appreciation for your help and encouragement in my “hour of need”. As you know I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in August and following that, the gentle but very effective routines you give me in my Pilates sessions are helping to keep my limbs  flexible. What is more, my Golf Pro says he has never seen me turn my shoulders as well as I have done recently.

This gives me tremendous hope and encouragement, not only because of the exercises but because of your interest and caring attitude exemplified by your effort to find out all you can about my condition so that you can help me further.

I only wish I had started Pilates years ago as my wife did, but we men know that the women are always one step ahead!!!!

Geoffrey Painter


Rose Pilates in your own home“With an on-going lower back problem, I was recommended to Lou for Pilates to strengthen my core stability.  Lou has helped me immensely and, as well as one-to-one sessions with her once a month, I also attend her classes once a week.  She is a fantastic teacher and has such a great aptitude for describing how you should be doing the exercises - you get it every time.  Not only that, but is such a great inspiration with such a great positive outlook on life.  I make it the most important thing I do in a week – that hour is my hour: my time.  She has really helped me easing the pain in my back and suggesting exercises for an on-going maintenance programme.  I sing her praises everywhere I go and look forward to her classes every week”.
Raycross Interiors

"Lou is brilliant.  I’ve been working with her for about 11 years now, and my needs have changed over the years, but Lou always targets our sessions to focus on exactly what I need at the time, and the results are always excellent.  Nowadays, I’m usually pretty stiff and creaky at the start but by the time Lou leaves, I’ve loosened up all over and feel supple and flexible again. I’d recommend Lou to anyone – as long as they are prepared to listen and act on her advice!"

"I have an upper limb disability which has over time given me some back pain.  But with Lou’s expertise my back pain has diminished over the years that I have known her.  She has been extremely patient and diligent in finding ways for me to do certain exercises that help to strengthen my core muscle and to provide strength for my upper limbs.  I have been to Lou’s classes and had private lessons with her, and I have found these lessons invaluable."

"I have been exercising for most of my life[I'm early 40's] . Over the years, I have done hours on the treadmill in the gym, and lots of different cardio exercise classes with numerous instructors.
I can honestly say Lou is the best instructor I have come across! She has helped me listen to my body and made me realise that constant exercise classes can take their toll,and not necessarily benefit you. Lou has helped me stretch out tight muscles, which in turn help me work harder and I can now actually see the difference. I now no longer waste hours exercising with no results. I have some one to one sessions, and also do a mixture of Lou's pilates classes and yoga based classes. I have finally learnt to use my core muscles in all my exercise.
Lou makes exercise fun, rewarding and teaches in a very detailed and informative way. She understands the needs of my body and mind both physically and holistically.
Everybody deserves some Lou time"